Web EDI Supplier Portal

Connect easy, go instantly!

Web EDI Supplier Portal is a module enabling suppliers without EDI capabilities to access automated business processes of larger enterprises through a common web browser.

The implementation of Web EDI Portal enables 100% digitalization of incoming/outgoing documents in the supply chain. Large enterprises often exchange a great number of documents with suppliers without the infrastructure required for direct integration, which is challenging for full-scale efficiency provided by EDI exchange. The Web EDI Supplier Portal module completely streamlines communication with such suppliers. An enterprise can communicate with its counterparty (suppliers) in a standard B2B/EDI way: the documents are sent to and received by suppliers through the web interface which forms an integral part of the Omnizon system.

Web EDI Supplier Portal – ease of doing business with small suppliers

A Supplier Portal digitizes and automatizes document exchange when doing with small suppliers. Small suppliers often lack their own IT infrastructure, but can be given access to the Supplier Portal Web Service by an enterprise within the Extended EDI system. The supplier uses the Supplier Portal to receive purchase orders and organize delivery of goods. The Supplier Portal supports automated preparation of traceable electronic documents based on purchase orders (e.g., order confirmation, delivery note, invoice, etc.) according to commercial terms and conditions laid down for a specific supplier. In addition to the XML standard format used in the exchange, the supplier receives data visualization in PDF format for their own purposes. The electronic documents are constituent parts of the Extended EDI platform and instantly take part in the process of document exchange in supply chain without any additional processing.

The process of ordering from small suppliers is extremely shorter while, in parallel, the EDI document exchange is automated. The Supplier Portal helps enterprises with a large number of small suppliers to make considerable time and resource savings. Suppliers have no need to process their documents manually or invest in their own IT infrastructure. Once their access to the WEB EDI Supplier Portal is allowed and authorized, they become part of the Extended EDI ecosystem.