Web EDI Customer Portal

Move online!

Web EDI Customer Portal is a module enabling larger enterprises to easily integrate customers without EDI capabilities to access their automated business processes through a common web browser.

The Web EDI Customer Portal module is a natural extension of the basic EDI implementation for trading i.e. a module initiated by producers or vendors (mostly wholesalers or distributers) to fully digitalize their wholesale channel and digitally reach their business customers. Key account customers are largely already digitalized and participate in EDI exchange i.e. 80% document exchange is digitalized with 20% business customers. The remaining 20% document exchange to be digitalized, distributed among 80% business customers, poses a great challenge, which can be easily overcome by using Web EDI Customer Portal.

Web EDI Customer Portal – ideal EDI module for wholesale partner network

Wholesaler and distributers allow their business customers i.e. their wholesale partner network access to a catalogue of products and services through web browser with all the required information. The basic functionalities are similar to a web-shop and include services to streamline the ordering process: catalogues of products with detailed description of product features, pricelists subject to customization according to commercial requirements of specific customers as well as tracking of product stocks. The process excludes any phone and email communication and accelerates and streamlines the trading transaction between the parties.

Simple ordering process with added-value

The customers find the ordering process much easier as the ordering process and good delivery preparation are initiated the moment they select goods on the portal. The whole time the Omnizon Networks Extended EDI system tracks timely delivery of documentation to all concerned parties. The purchase order (or any other contracted business document) is directly uploaded in the supplier’s information system (ERP), which means the trading channel is fully digitalized.

Notably, in addition to usual business documents (purchase order, order acceptance, delivery note, receipt and invoice), other documents for stock tracking, trading information etc. may be very easily added and implemented to enhance optimization of business processes and overall business transactions.

The implementation is simple and very quickly produces visible and measureable results.

Fully digitalized documentation. With everyone.