Speedox Document Delivery

Simple and cost-effective!

Speedox Document Delivery streamlines everyday operations, accelerates business processes and adds value to the system as a whole.

The Speedox Document Delivery system substitutes the conventional process of printing, packaging, mailing, receiving and storing, and facilitates simple, fast and controlled delivery verified by electronic signature and time stamps for archived document.

This module provides a fast, simple and cost-effective solution to fully controlled delivery of a large number of documents via e-mail. It tracks the flow of every document distributed in the system: Being processed ➜ Sent ➜ Delivered (the file is downloaded). It sends reliable distribution status notifications. Faster, more accurate and safer document delivery via e-mail with notifications contributes to acceleration of business processes. Everything is in compliance with organizational processes.

E-signature may be used to verify the document authenticity and unauthorized access is impossible.

Main benefits of Speedox Document Delivery:

1. Safe and fast delivery – A user-friendly module requiring only document to be uploaded for a single or multiple recipient(s). The document sender can see if the document was received, opened, the time when it was opened and downloaded from the system, which eliminates the odds for e-mail being forgotten, misplaced or landing in spam folder.

2. Cost and time efficient – In comparison with traditional mailing (printing, packaging, sending, distribution, opening), the cost and time efficiency of the Speedox Delivery module is more than obvious. The conventional method of e-mailing business documents can also be considered outdated due to the volume and lack of document control. Speedox Delivery reduces the probability of human error during delivery, as well as delays and, as a result, alleviates the billing issue.

3. Document integrity and non-repudiation – Provided by the use of electronic signature and qualified certificate enclosed.

4. Integration with e-Archive – Enables archiving of all documents sent by Speedox Document Delivery service, and subsequently flexible archived document management.

5. Process control – An option allowing scheduled delivery by clicking desirable delivery date and time, and automatic redelivery in case the recipient fails to download the document. The notifications sent upon delivery and download enable full distribution status control.

6. ERP & EDI integration – Enables integration with other ERP and EDI systems over e-mail. For non-clients, Speedox Delivery is an extra service, but for existing clients it is a value-added service. The existing clients may access the participants outside the EDI network in a very simple way – from our system, using e-mail. They can always check if the document was downloaded on the Omnizon Portal.

By adopting innovative Omnizon services, you become an organization that embraces social and environmental sustainability. Speedox Delivery can be your first step in making contribution to environmental protection and CO2 emissions reduction.