Integrate the remaining suppliers into the EDI system. Become 100% EDI.

Your files are protected and available only to authorized persons!

Legally recognized invoices always delivered in proper format!

Deliver your document or invoice within seconds! And get notified.

Global digitalization with customers without EDI technologies. It is possible.

Extended EDI

Your gateway to 100% digitalization

The Omnizon Extended EDI enriches conventional EDI services with additional functionalities to streamline everyday operations, accelerate business processes, add value to the system as a whole and improve the usual EDI document exchange. The functionality of Extended EDI service enables fast, efficient and simple integration of the remaining non-digitalized partners and 100% efficient digitalization.

The Extended EDI feature within the Omnizon system and Integration Platform consists of the following:

Complex Job Definitions – a system for fast document exchange definition, implementation and management.

Extended EDI Modules – a system of modules expanding digitalization options to all business entities within the supply chain, irrespective of their size.

Complex Job Definitions – a feature offered by Omnizon facilitating flexibility and high-level configuration features for swift implementation of B2B or A2A document exchange and integration.

According to 80:20 rule , 80% digitalization of incoming/outgoing documentation commonly results from document exchange with 20% partners. This means that the remaining 20% document exchange with the remaining 80% partners is conventional, i.e. non-digital.

Functionalities of Extended EDI Modules – a group of modules, enabling fast, efficient and simple connection with the remaining 80% non-digitalized partners, resulting in 100% efficient digitalization.

Extended EDI Modules:

Web EDI Supplier Portal – a module enabling technically incapable suppliers to directly integrate incoming and/or outgoing EDI messages into their own IT infrastructure;

E-Archive – a completely safe and highly available module with unlimited scalability accessible to authorized users at any given moment;

E-Invoice – ensures origin authenticity, content integrity and invoice legibility in compliance with specific legal requirements;

Speedox Delivery – provides a fast, simple and cost-effective solution to fully controlled delivery of a large number of documents via e-mail;

Web EDI Customer Portal – for producers and distributers who use EDI to enable full digitalization of incoming/outgoing documentation even when their customers are technically incapable to provide EDI integration.

Enhance your EDI functionality and reach your suppliers and customers completely digitally!