EDI Service Provider

A single connection for international connectivity

  • We connect you to your business partners
  • Connect to your EDI Service Provider and get connected to the whole world using a single connection

Omnizon Networks as an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Service Provider has a long-standing market experience and high-level knowledge in the EDI area. We bring flexible and reliable solutions to all types and sizes of organizations. Omnizon Networks creates new values for its clients, increases efficiency and accelerates business operations. EDI-based digitalization gives unlimited opportunities for integration of business processes, contributing to better effectiveness in all business areas.

The connection to the Omnizon EDI system, i.e. the collaboration with Omnizon as an EDI Service Provider, affords tremendous opportunities for integration with a limitless number of partners. You only need to connect to the Omnizon EDI System, and in turn connect to any partner, anywhere in the world, receiving full customer support from the Omnizon team in the process. While connecting, you just need to select the connection protocol and proper formats for your business needs. A single connection/protocol and a selection of appropriate formats will allow you to connect to anyone anywhere in the world.

Omnizon provides a basic EDI model for organizations that interchange a large number of documents, but also for all those striving to digitalize their business operations and optimize their resources. A higher level of automatization of business processes will make any organization more competitive. The Omnizon system promotes automation of manual document processing, e.g. copying of the purchase order or the purchase invoice sent by email, and integration with the client’s business system. The Omnizon system facilitates incoming and outgoing document interchange without human intervention.

The system allows access through different protocols (SFTP, AS2, AS4, OFTP2, web services, email…). The client selects the desirable EDI format for simple integration through their business structure. The Omnizon system handles the conversion of the format to comply with the requirements of the document receiver. Besides, the user has an insight into the statistics of outgoing and incoming documents, a detailed report of error detection and can receive email or text (SMS) error notifications. To entities unable to connect through the aforementioned protocols and formats Omnizon provides access to a web portal.

Omnizon is in charge of the overall system management, integration and monitoring, guaranteeing user-friendly service to all EDI participants. The Omnizon system maintains safe flow of documents, irrespective of their number, format and size, enabling continuous document interchange in real time.

Omnizon Networks as an EDI Service Provider brings:

  • Simple integration of users in the EDI system
  • In-depth on-boarding process for users, including the required testing and/or training in the use of particular services (web portal)
  • Quick implementation of standard formats and protocols
  • Reliable technical and customer support
  • EDI monitoring and proactive troubleshooting in case of non-compliance
  • Interconnectivity with new business partners
  • Responsiveness to adapt to business changes

While Omnizon Networks will focus on the EDI needs of its users at all levels, you can focus on what you do best.