Speeds up your business and reduces the costs

EDI Service speeds up your business.

EDI (Electronic data interchange) is electronically-aided exchange of business documents the main purpose of which is to enable automated data creation, transmission and uploading i.e. accelerated data processing. It allows electronic data interchange between two or more businesses without the use of paper or electronic documents (PDF files sent as email attachments). EDI prevents errors, accelerates processes, improves efficiency and cuts costs.

Main benefits of Omnizon EDI:

  • SPEED (Up to 5 times faster data processing vs. paper documents.)
  • ACCURACY (Electronic data interchange improves the accuracy of transactions because automated document management prevents negligence, delay and human errors. According to Gartner, this type of automation offers 65-80% savings to enterprises, which increases incrementally in proportion to the number of documents exchanged.)
  • SECURITY (Document security is guaranteed by our infrastructure provider. Check security compliance details here .)

Automated exchange of business documents without human intervention and error. Fast, accurate, cost-effective.

If you already use EDI, feel free to explore the Extended EDI and add value to the system as a whole and improve the usual exchange of EDI documents. With Omnizon you can always do more.