Safe and reliable storage solution.

E-Archive is a completely safe and highly available module with unlimited scalability accessible to authorized users at any given moment. It is a centralized repository of files with a wide range of rights assigned to them, including a right to access, view or edit a file. E-Archive tracks such activities, and creates a log about who accessed the file and how, reducing the risk from improper or unauthorized file treatment to the minimum.

E-Archive – Omnizon Extended EDI module

Omnizon e-Archive is a safe and highly-available module enabling safe, fully protected and controlled storage of electronic files.

E-Archive is an Extended EDI module tasked with safe uploading and protection of specific documentation received directly as a result of electronic document exchange. Additionally, it may store any required business documentation by simple use of the upload function on the web interface. The security implies controlled conditions for storage, retrieval and access control of archive files. The files may be stored for an unlimited period of time, which ensures regulatory compliance. The archive files are protected with a high level of access control. The module determines who and when may access the files in accordance with the protection levels. E-Archive creates logs for every activity undertaken, reducing the risk from improper or unauthorized file treatment to the minimum.

Omnizon e-Archive is a user-friendly solution to complex storage requirements for all sorts of formats of business documents.

Have you ever taken a moment to consider the costs incurred by physical document storage?

You might have, especially if your company needs to receive or process a large number of documents on a daily basis. Nonetheless, have you tried to put those costs on paper and work out the actual costs? It is simple math, really, but we will save you the time and trouble, and do it for you. For example, let us take a company that needs to process 120 hard copy documents day-to-day, and spends 5 minutes on average per document. In this particular case, it will take 600 minutes a day, or 10 man-hours.

It certainly seems quite a lot, but keep on reading and watch the numbers soar. If an average man-hour rate amounts to EUR 12, the daily cost amounts to EUR 120. It goes up to reach as high as EUR 30,000 annually (250 working days per year). It is definitely not a negligible amount, especially because it excludes the costs of printing, binders, space and potential document recovery. It should certainly be borne in mind that a majority of accounting records need to be stored for 11 years, whereas some records require permanent storage. All the above-mentioned clearly leads to considerably high and unnecessary costs.

Omnizon e-Archive completely eliminates the costs of lost documents and significantly shortens the archiving process. The resulting multiple savings, as well as great benefits offered by the usage of e-Archive, become blatantly obvious.