Complex Job Definitions

Response to new challenges!

What happens when the conventional EDI system fails to respond to the new requirements of complicated business processes involving a large number of entities? The Omnizon Complex Job Definitions feature offers a solution facilitating flexibility and high-level configuration features for swift implementation of B2B or A2A document exchange and integration. In fact, it creates a link between B2B and A2A systems.

This innovative Omnizon system responds to all requirements of complex business processes and enhances 1 for 1 document exchange to the following processing levels: 1:n, n:1 or n:n.

Extensible processing with Complex Job Definitions

Complex Job Definitions brings flexible options for defining different document processing tasks, enables document exchange definition and management, as well as routing and collating incoming/outgoing documents from/to different access points.

Tasks are adaptable by number, order and functional requirements of every particular step in the process, and classified by following types:

➤ Document and document structure validation,
➤ Document parsing,
➤ Document structure transformation,
➤ Digital signature,
➤ Document visualization,
➤ Document merging or splitting,
➤ Document and document structure validation,

The task completion status control triggers conditional branching to the next steps in the process.

Unlimited number of jobs manageable by priority and type.

This Omnizon integration platform offers job management and execution control.

The platform also features horizontal scalability allowing multiple process instances to be fine-tuned and initiated, enabling every single instance to process multiple jobs in parallel.

The Complex Job Definitions feature is designed for multipurpose efficiency and responds to new business process requirements irrespective of their quantity.